The Future with your pup

Our Mission

Train To Save Dog training is working to make life with your dog barktastic.  

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About Us

Train To Save Dog Training has been training dogs for 8 years. Starting in the shelters working to help get dogs out and keep dogs out of the shelters. Now doing so much to help dog owners with pesky unwanted behaviors or those with disabilities find independence. I will help you learn to work with and train your beloved furry friend. Train To Save Dog Training was founded to make life with your dog barktastic. 

Our Courses

Beginner Obedience Classes
During our beginner class your dog will learn basic obedience. This includes but is not limited to sit, stay, lay down, etc... This is an amazing opportunity to socialize your dog with other dogs and people.   
Intermediate Obedience classes
Our Intermediate class we ad to our learning in the beginner class we go over heeling, basic start to recall, and solid stay around distractions.   
Private Obedience 
Private sessions are great for new puppies that don't have all vaccinations. We go over sit, stay lay down, come and much more.    
Service dog
Guide, Medical alert, or mobility aid whatever it may be we can help you find, pick, and train a puppy perfect for your needs. We want to help you gain you independence.   

Success Stories

Thank you so much for helping me get this boy going right. Tonight, was his very first public outing. The family went ice skating and rocky did amazing! He successfully accomplished several commands that we calm, backed up and tucked under a table and stayed there relaxed till I said "lets go." I had a stroller with baby, drinks, and treats on the table. He didn't once nose the table for the food or bother the baby. The other people walking around with weird shoes on (Skates) had no affect. He didn't even pay attention to the little boy wanting to pet him. I am so beyond proud of this boy and all he has accomplished so far, especially only being rescued/adopted maybe 4 months ago. I and my family are incredibly grateful to you Christine Hickey, for your help. it is giving me a sense of freedom and confidence I haven't had in a long time. 

- Rachelle Parker Ferguson

Why Choose Us

8 Years of Experience
I have been training dogs for 8 years building my skills as well as working with other trainers to continue to learn.    
Training plans for you  
Every dog is different which is why we work to build a training plan fit for you and your dog.   


TTS was able to quickly and correctly evaluate my 4-year-old. Advise me on training tools and methods that would make a difference. And made a huge impact in the first session. If you are wondering if TTS may make a difference, I suggest you take the time to experience the opportunity. You will be happily surprised and satisfied. 
Howard Archie Martin Dog owner