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Our Services

Sit, Stay, Lay Down, loose leash walking, recall and much more to help your new puppy or even an older dog have the best success in your home. 
Behavior modification

Does you dog lunge at other dogs while on walks or eat food off the counter we can help to take bad behaviors and help your pup learn good behaviors. 

Service dog

We help individuals through the entire process, of finding, and training a service dog to help them with their disability. Giving independence to those that would otherwise have none. 

Our Courses

Beginner Obedience Classes
During our beginner class your dog will learn basic obedience. This includes but is not limited to sit, stay, lay down, etc... This is an amazing opportunity to socialize your dog with other dogs and people.   
Intermediate Obedience Classes
Our Intermediate class we add to our learning in the beginner class we go over heeling, basic start to recall, and solid stay around distractions. 
Private Obedience
Private sessions are great for new puppies that don't have all vaccinations. We go over sit, stay, lay down, come, and much more.    
Service dog 
Guide, Medical alert, or mobility aid whatever it may be we can help you find pick and train a puppy perfect for your needs. We want to help you gain you independence.

Why Choose Us

8 Years of Experience
I have been training dogs for 8 years building my skills as well as working with other trainers to continue to learn.   
Training Plans for you
Every dog is different which is why we work to build a training plan fit for you and your dog.